How do you set it up?

We arrive in a large truck pulling a trailer loaded with lots of friendly animals. The area is set-up 30 minutes prior to the scheduled event. It can be set-up inside or outside, depending on the weather. If indoors, we provide the necessary indoor outdoor carpet for an additional $20. There will also be a table set-up with Germ-X for the children to sanitize their hands.

How much space is required?

The petting zoo requires a 10x12 space and the pony can be easily walked around the petting zoo enclosure.

What do you do about inclement weather?

We come out Rain or Shine. In light rain we bring an umbrella and still do pony rides as long as you provide a dry place for the kids to wait. The Petting Zoo can be set-up in any sheltered area such as a garage.

How many children and what ages usually attend?

There is no limit on how many children can attend the event.
We have done parties for 1 year olds with guest attending that were in their 80's and everyone at the party enjoyed the animals. Our ponies can carry any weight up to 200 lbs. Age doesn't matter. Everyone enjoys these wonderful ponies.